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Artists take centre stage at Porsche Interactive pop-up installations and young art on prominent billboards

Stuttgart . Porsche is shining a spotlight on art: the sports car manufacturer is offering artists new channels to showcase their work to a wider audience through its two projects, The Art of Dreams and Global Gallery.

Designed as a series of interactive art installations in cities, The Art of Dreams features work that deals with the topic of dreams from different perspectives. The exhibition will begin with a piece by French artist Cyril Lancelin called ‘Remember your dreams’; an oversized installation that will be on display at the Palais Galliera Musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris from 15 to 24 October.

Porsche's Global Gallery exhibition provides an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their digital work on famous billboards around the globe, such as in Times Square in New York. The project was launched on 9 October and will run for eight weeks as a partnership between the sports car manufacturer and the renowned König Galerie, which focuses on young talents.

"The Porsche philosophy is about fulfilling a dream – not only in terms of sports car manufacture but from a social perspective too. Our aim is to inspire people and offer concrete support to help them realise their dreams," explains Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Porsche. "These new projects involving artists represent this commitment. We are getting involved in the world of digital art as much as we are in the implementation of physical installations. After all, aesthetics, design and innovation are all topics that resonate with Porsche."

The Art of Dreams: interactive pop-up installations
‘Remember your dreams’, by French artist and architect Cyril Lancelin, is an oversized installation measuring 10 x 12.4 x 7.6 metres (L x W x H). The immersive work is composed of air-filled elements and creates a surreal environment that invites visitors to step out of their everyday reality and remember their dreams. After all, remembering them is the first step to making dreams come true. Porsche commissioned several works of art on the subject of dreams as part of its The Art of Dreams exhibition with the aim of inspiring people, conveying optimism and contributing to lively communities. The exhibition series will be making an appearance in a number of cultural capitals. The next stop for The Art of Dreams will be a public exhibition in Milan in the spring of 2022. As communication agencies, Gravity and Peak are supporting the project.

Global Gallery: art at prominent advertising spots
The Global Gallery exhibition set up by Porsche and the König Galerie will see large, digital billboards around the world re-purposed as digital canvases for young artists to display their work. Launched on 9 October, five major cities in North America, Europe and Asia are taking part in this unusual art campaign for the next eight weeks. For example, the billboards at the busy Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and the iconic screens in Times Square in New York will all exhibit digital works of art. Emerging artists can also realise their dreams and showcase their work to a wider audience via similar exhibition spaces in Berlin, Madrid and Seoul. The Global Gallery exhibition includes digital art by Andy Picci, Auriea Harvey, Banz & Bowinkel, Ben Elliot, John Yuyi, Jon Burgerman, Jonas Lund, kennedy+swan, Manuel Rossner, Nicole Ruggiero and Junuwana.

The virtual artwork can be purchased as digital assets known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from, an online marketplace run by the König Galerie that is considered the first NFT art platform for traditional and digital art. It is built on an environmentally friendly blockchain called Flow. The marketplace is proving popular with a new generation of art buyers. The page also includes information about the artists and their work.

The launch of the Global Gallery exhibition coincides with Porsche's new Dreamers. On. campaign, which focuses on the topic of dreams instead of traditional communications about cars. The campaign has been designed to engage new, strategic target groups, support those groups in achieving their dreams and to anchor the company's Driven by Dreams brand purpose. The first project was launched at the end of July 2021 with an interactive online mentoring programme called The Art of Drive. It offers a collection of short articles about celebrities such as St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, who explains how she fulfilled her dreams and inspired others along the way. Over the next few months, more Dreamers. On. activities will be added to a central online hub. The communication agencies Proximity and PHD are both supporting Porsche with the project.

Engagement: culture for the masses
For years Porsche has been sponsoring cultural projects as part of its sustainability strategy, with the aim of giving as many people as possible free access to cultural activities. For example, the sports car manufacturer is a premium partner of Leipzig's Gewandhaus Orchestra and is the main sponsor of the Stuttgart Ballet company.
Porsche Deutschland GmbH has also been a partner of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg since July 2021.

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